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by mohamed rasak, from Dubai,UAE

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An individual’s daily routine tasks can be automated with the help of home automation systems. An Android based home automation system is proposed in this article. Any smart phone with Android OS can be used to control different home appliances like fans, lights etc. The Android application communicates with a micro-controller via Bluetooth.

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Project Description

Automation of the surrounding environment of a modern human being allows increasing his work efficiency and comfort. There has been a significant development in the area of an individual’s routine tasks and those can be automated. In the present times, we can find most of the people clinging to their mobile phones and smart devices throughout the day. Hence with the help of his companion – a mobile phone, some daily household tasks can be accomplished by personifying the use of the mobile phone. Analyzing the current smart phone market, novice mobile users are opting for Android based phones. It has become a second name for a mobile phone in layman terms. Home Automation System (HAS) has been designed for mobile phones having Android platform to automate an 8 bit Bluetooth interfaced micro-controller which controls a number of home appliances like lights, fans, bulbs and many more using on/off relay. This paper presents the automated approach of controlling the devices in a household that could ease the tasks of using the traditional method of the switch. The most famous and efficient technology for short range wireless communication- Bluetooth is used here to automate the system. The HAS system for Android users is a step towards the ease of the tasks by controlling one to twenty four different appliances in any home environment.


Today’s homes require sophistication control in its different gadgets which are basically electronic appliances. This has revolutionized the area of home automation with respect to an increased level of affordability and simplicity through the integration of home appliances with smart phone and tablet connectivity. Smart phones are already feature-perfect and can be made to communicate to any other devices in an ad hoc network with a connectivity options like Bluetooth. With the advent of mobile phones, Mobile applications development has seen a major outbreak. Utilizing the opportunity of automating tasks for a smart home, mobile phone commonly found in normal household can be joined in a temporary network inside a home with the electronic equipment’s. Android, by Google Inc. provides the platform for the development of the mobile applications for the Android devices. Home automation system is a mobile application developed using Android targeting its vast market which will be beneficial for the masses. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Android maintained its leadership position in global market share. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that comes in handy as the solution while communicating over an ad hoc network environment like the home environment for connecting the home appliances with the mobile phones. Bluetooth works over 2.4 GHz frequency range up to the range of 100 m with 1 Mbps speed, providing a safe and efficient solution for controlling home automation. 

System Architecture

The Home Automation System (HAS) was developed using Java Me and Mo Sync during the course of research and now a User Interfaced (UI) Android Application program implemented on an Android based Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, and an 8 bit micro-controller based relay driver circuit with Serial Bluetooth Module, which is able to communicate with the Home application over Bluetooth link. The system is based on serial data transmission using Bluetooth wireless communication in order to facilitate the application control in a HAS. This system ensures a secured exchange of data on wireless also supports conventional ON/OFF system of appliances. A user interface on the android enabled mobile phone offers system connection and control utilities. 


The purpose of the system is to use mobile phone’s inbuilt Bluetooth facility for automation without using Air Time. Different hardware and software unit of the system are described. The complete application software has been designed using Android, Bluetooth API and C language. The HAS application program is tested on various Android mobile phones, which are quite satisfactory and response received from the community in general is encouraging. The HAS furnishes a good paradigm for any Automation System based on Android Mobile Phone and Bluetooth.


mohamed rasak



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